Women Retreats

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Attending a retreat is an opportunity to relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life. Women’s retreats provide an escape from home and work while you share a common goal with other women—relaxation and adventure. Bali’s world class retreats remove you far from your daily routine and plunge you into a world unlike any other.

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All retreats aim to achieve the same goal—wellness. They may vary in the services they offer, but ensuring that you leave refreshed and ready for daily life again is their aim.

They are often settled in serene environments, nestled between lush jungle hills or perched atop a cliff with an ocean view. In Bali these retreats may include organic gardens and off-grid living.

Local outings to experience the culture’s cuisine and art can be scheduled. Or you can take a leisurely stroll through your surroundings and wind down in the pool or with a massage.


Women’s retreats are designed specifically for women. At these retreats you can relax and unwind in the pool or at the beach, enjoy an outing and fine cuisine, or pursue an adventure.


If you’re looking for a way to revive your vitality, find a retreat that includes plenty of options for downtime. Many include day trips to hot springs, feature pools and spas, and include massages.

Take a walk on a jungle trail or stroll down the beach, and come back in time for lunch. Then finish the day with a massage and watch the sunset.


Schedule an outing into the surrounding area and gain some perspective. Experiencing other cultures in different parts of the world helps you reflect on your own life at home. Experience local cuisine and art, and head back to the grounds to unwind.


If hiking jungle trails and traversing local streets isn’t enough, find a women’s retreat that offers paddle boarding, surfing, or another sport. Many retreats in Bali are located near the ocean and lagoons.

For a leisurely experience, take the paddle board to a tropical lagoon and enjoy the beauty and calm waters. Or if you want a little more adventure, take your board to the ocean and try riding the waves.

Women’s retreats in Bali will send you home refreshed and ready for life. If you would like to attend a retreat, schedule a consultation today and begin your journey.


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