What We Treat

We are a therapeutic community with a limited number of places, a high staff-to-client ratio, and a system of unwavering clinical governance. We adhere strictly to a strict code of ethics following best-practice standards.

Discipline, integrity, and commitment are the cornerstones of sustainable recovery. Our focus on patient well being extends well beyond the traditional parameters of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and is specifically designed to ensure you have the tools and support you need to conquer your active addiction.

We specialise in the treatment of:

Alcohol Addiction
Drug Addiction Prescribed
Drug Addiction Illegal
Dual Diagnosis

The 12-Step Program (Minnesota Model) is the foundation of our drug and alcohol recovery approach. We begin treatment by educating you about the neurobiology of addiction and exploring the cognitive processes attached to your drug and alcohol addiction. By incorporating the gratification (dopaminergic) reward pathways, cognitive behavioural and motivational therapy techniques, we:

  • uncover the social theories of learning.
  • help you find meaning and purpose in your life.
  • challenge you to challenge yourself, in order to see the value in sustained long-term gratification rather than the short-term satisfaction of substance use.
  • explore core beliefs that stand in the way a future of well-being and recovery.

Relapse prevention and ongoing care are also critical components of our drug and alcohol treatment. Our goal is to ensure you are given the ongoing support you need to overcome your active addiction, for good. As part of this commitment, we ensure you have excellent referrals to outside services and organisations, and follow-up help for you and/or your family through Skype counselling sessions.