Bali, an alternative to Sydney Rehab

Sydney, based in the State of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia, is the main city in NSW and arguably Australia’s primary population centre and tourist destination. Sydney has many Drug & Alcohol rehab centres and supports multiple NSW government and private treatment centres. Other treatment options such as The Sydney Hand Rehabilitation Centre, or The Cabin rehab treatment centre in Sydney. These are not always suited to those whose budget is a bit more limited or who need Treatment for Addiction and Drug & Alcohol Recovery out of their normal day to day environment.

Rehab Options for those seeking a Sydney Rehab alternative

Individual therapy

Clients often struggle with triggers that can return them to active addiction. Identifying and managing these is key to their long term sobriety. We help them figure out the relationship, situations, actions or causes for their using and discuss and plan what alternative approaches are available to avoid a return to drug addiciton or alcoholism.
Not only is the addict in need of a way to stop using, but after they have recovered they need to rebuild their lives again and so we focus on the steps they need to take to active employment, or build a productive daily routine

Our relapse prevention planning approach begins from the moment you enter rehab. We never allow a client to return home without a solid plan in place as to how they will deal with tricky situations and building the mental and psychological support processes to handle this.

Our theraputic approaches include Cognitive Behavoiral Therapy (CBT), and group discussions and education to build an awareness and understanding of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Group Therapy: a key to our success

When clients interact with other clients, hear their stories, and learn from their experience something magical happens in rehab. While at times challenging and even confronting, some of the greatest learnings and insights that clients can receive while in treatment is sometimes from other clients! Addicts are not alone in their journey of addiction and recovery, and our group work helps them realise this and makes them aware of the strong support that a group process can offer in treatment.

A safe open and honest group atmosphere is fostered by our clinical team leading to a positive group therapy outcome.

“Family Week” At Rehab

This is a bit of a cliche and Hollywood plays up to this concept of “Family week”, but there’s a reason for the stereotypical portrayal of this process – it helps clients re-connect with their loved ones, who have in many cases been damaged or hurt through the addictive process. Perhaps you have treated family badly, said things you regret, or stolen from them or worse, but where appropriate and not risking further emotional harm to you or your family, we encourage a family program that supports a process of working with family members to discuss your addiction and its impact on them, and for you to have a chance to share your feelings with them.

Time and again we see that this process carries with it great fear and anxiety for both the patient and the family, but delivers truly incredible healing for all. Let’s face it – once active addiction is gone, and clients are in recovery, then family are a very strong emotional and moral support for you.

A bit more about Sydney

Sydney siders know well the beautiful features of the city including the scenic Eastern Sydney beaches, including Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Clovelly, and, finally, Coogee Beach.  There is a public boardwalk and walking trail that begins at the iconic Bondi Icebergs pool, and extends all the way to Coogee, and even Maroubra for those who are looking for a longer trip.  Urban centres of commerce in and around Sydney include North Sydney, North Ryde and Parramatta.

Many Sydney people seek treatment for addiction and find recovery options in asian rehabs or locations outside NSW. To obtain treatment in Sydney can be relatively expensive when compared to the alternatives, and so many travel instead of getting help locally. At Rehab Bali we treat a large number of clients coming from Sydney and the state of New South Wales, and we provide quality care which is only a short flight away from Sydney.

Travelling to Bali from Sydney

There are a number of airlines which depart from Mascott airport, near Botany. Sydney Airport is a short train trip from the city centre, and options like Airport Link using an Opal Card are possible if public transport NSW is your method of choice.  Sydney Buses offer routes to the Airport departing Burwood or Eastern Suburbs at Bondi Junction.  Either of these will get you to the T1 International terminal.

Bali is just a short 5 – 6 hour flight from Sydney, and once you arrive in Bali, our experienced team of Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation experts will take over and assist you with your transit and arrival at our Sanur based rehab in Bali.

Checkout our site to find out more about the quality rehab options we offer for people from Sydney seeking treatment