12 Step Approach

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A 12 step programme is an approach to treatment that provides treatment based on the methodology used first in Alcoholics Anonymous. There are a number of suggested actions (steps) that are to be completed. Many treatment centres have adopted the 12 steps as a treatment approach, although the 12 step format is most widely used by the “Anonymous Fellowships” . These include AA Alcoholics Anonymous, NA Narcotics Anonymous, CA Cocaine Anonymous, GA Gambles Anonymous etc etc.

AA meetings ( and other Anonymous fellowships) are widespread and free to attend. There is ordinarily a collection a the end of the meeting, but there should be no actual dues or fees.

The 12 step approach was first introduced in the book – Alcoholics Anonymous, as a technique to recover from alcoholism. The 12 steps were published in this book and then later became the basis of the AA fellowship, and then 12 step programmes. These are now delivered all over the world.

The 12 steps require the person being treated to admit that they are “powerless” over their alcoholism, compulsion or addiction. To “successfully” work through the steps – the client has to recognise a power greater than themselves that can restore some order in their lives. This concept of a “Higher Power” is much debated. The book is written in such a way that a client can use his or her own concept of a “Higher Power”.

Various methods based on the 12 step programme have been adapted by a lot of people across the world in order to treat a huge range of presenting issues problems related to substance abuse, alcoholism, addiction and dependency.

Many people who start a 12 step programme report or experience encouraging results. The methodology does also receive criticism because of its perceived religious connotations.

If you have any questions about the 12 Steps or any of the other approaches to the treatment of addiction, please contact us today




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