Bali, an alternative to Perth Rehab

Perth, based in the State of Western Australia in Australia, is the main city in WA and the main city on the west coast Australia.  Perth is a large city with many Addiction Recovery treatment options including On The Go Rehab, Shalom Rehab and government supported Perth Rehab centre options. Often however people want to find a location a little further from home to get away from the day to day while tackling their issues with Drug and Alcohol addiction, and Bali Beginnings Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bali offers the perfect option for Western Australia and people seeking Perth rehab options.

Bali Beginnings offers Inpatient / residential rehabilitation from the challenges of addiction, and can assist with medically assisted detoxification from Drugs or Alcohol.   Whether you are suffering from addiction to methamphetamines, valium, cocaine or alcohol, our expert addiction treatment counsellors and therapists are available to help.   We offer a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment program and specialise in Ice Addiction Treatment.   Our facilities are perfect to get aware from daily triggers that drag you back to drinking and drugging no matter how hard you try to abstain.   You may find certain social situations or spending time with certain groups of friends trigger your active addiction, and seeking Drug & Alcohol Rehab treatment in somewhere like Bali can give you an opportunity to build a life free from addiction.

Perth is made up of hundreds of suburbs stretching from Two Rocks in the north, to Freemantle and Singleton in the south. Other popular Perth locations including Armadale, Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland and Rockingham. Other tourist destinations include the Swan Valley, and places like Margaret River, a wine district popular as a holiday spot.

Every client has a different experience in giving up drugs and alcohol and the challenges each client faces are unique to them.   There of course are many similarities that exist as well and addicts or alcoholics must face these challenges to give themselves the best chance to escape active addiciton.

  • A program of treatment must be sought, whether it be attending 12 step meetings, seeking professional medical or counselling support, and learning to accept the problem is a critical first step.
  • The challenge of recovery from addiciton is typically one of avoiding the first drink, or starting to use – rather than controlling ones use.   Once you’ve had the first drink or drug, then your mindset and personality change making it harder to control after that point.
  • Rehabilitation from Drugs & Alcohol may involve counselling, therapy or even medical detoxificaiton.
  • Learning how to engage in sober living is a critical part of rehab, and finding ways to make use of your time and re-engage in relationships and your working life are vital to the prodess.

Contact our team to find out more about how to achieve such a life, drug and alcohol free.

Perth is located only 3.5 hours by plane from Bali, and many people joke about Perth being the sister city or location for Bali, with many Perth people holidaying in Bali on a regular basis. Drug and Alcohol rehab in Perth is relatively expensive compared to Bali or Asia Rehab options, and at Rehab Bali we have many Perth clients who visit our facility for treatment, detox and support for problems with prescription medications, alcohol and drugs.

Travelling to Bali from Perth

There are a number of airlines which depart from Perth Airport, located in the City of Swan.   Jetstar, Virgin and the affordable Air Asia all offer flights directly to Bali. Transperth operates regular bus services between Perth Airport, Perth City and other local centres.

Bus routes to Perth Airport are available from:

  • Elizabeth Quay Bus Station
  • Victoria Park Transfer Station
  • Burswood Train Station
  • Belmont Forum Shopping Centre

Once you land in Ngurah Rai airport in Bali after your 3.5 hour flight, our experienced team will be ready to pick you up and transport you to our rehab centre based in Sanur in Bali.

Checkout our site to find out more about the quality rehab options we offer for people from Perth seeking treatment.