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Affordable Alternatives to Perth Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Bali Beginning offers an affordable addiction treatment alternative to Perth Rehab Centres, and best of all we have places available NOW at affordable prices. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES Perth Rehab centres, located in the State of Western Australia in Australia, offer their services in the main city in WA.  Perth is the main city on the west coast Australia. Perth is a large city with many Addiction treatment options including the following Perth Rehab Centres: On The Go Rehab, Shalom rehab as well as a number of government supported Perth Rehab centre options. Often however people want to find a location a little further from home to get away from the day to day temptations of their lives while undertaking Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment, and Bali Beginnings (Rehab Bali .com) offers the perfect option for Perth people wanting to take this approach.

A little more about Perth Drug Rehab Centres…

Some of the more prominent Perth rehabs are listed below with some more info about them and the services they offer. Or for more information, please call and ask about drug and alcohol rehab Perth WA.

Shalom Rehab, Midland, WA

Shalom House based in Midland in Western Australia is a Alcohol and Drug Rehab focusing on male clients and resides in the Swan Valley not far from central Perth.  Their Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre focuses on the wellbeing of those struggling with addiction and state their they offer a “rehabilitation program that focuses on bringing restoration to all areas of the resident’s life, including finances, relationships, heart issues, employment, education and training for the future”.   They have a key focus on ensuring those in treatment are able to return to their lives after attending Rehab and treat a number of different issues including Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction and those suffering with a combination of issues (for example Dual Diagnosis) in their addiction treatment program.  They also treat anxiety, or other emotional disorders that may be also present in clients suffering from addiction related difficulties.

The Whitehaven Clinic Perth Western Australia

Whitehaven Clinic, Applecross North, Western Australia

The Whitehaven Clinic offers a rehabilitation service a little different to most and focuses on outpatient style “day rehabilitation” where many are exclusively inpatient facilities.   The Whitehaven Clinic helps clients get to the underlying causes of their addiction and working with clients to build a balanced healthy life in recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction. They work with patients to develop an understanding of other factors such as gambling, or use of drugs and alcohol and offer a personalised programme of treatment to build a life of sobriety where clients can reconnect with a healthy pattern of living. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES
Palmerston Drug Rehab

Palmerston Rehab Centre

Palmerston focuses on providing support for those impacted by Alcohol and Drug Addiction including offering care and rehabilitation focused on allowing people to reconnect with family, friends and community.   Palmerston is located in the metropolitan area of Perth and focus on servicing Perth’s southwest and Great Southern ranges areas and off inpatient rehab as well as other services such as support groups and individual counselling services. They also partner with doctors and mental health professionals and offer “Self-management and recovery (SMART) groups” as part of their service.

Cyrenian House Alcohol RehabCyrenian House Rehab Centre

Cyrenian House describe themselves as as non profit organisation supported by the Western Australian Government which operates in the area of rehabilitation from alcohol addiction and drug addiction (Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD)) and utilises a number of modalities of treatment including a 12-step approach supported by Therapeutic Community Model andPsychodynamic Theory, Acceptance Commitment Therapy,Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Systems Theory, and Social Learning Theory. They offer non-residential services also and partner with organisations such as the North Metro Community Alcohol and Drug Service and also the Saranna Early Childhood Education and Care Centre.
Perth is made up of hundreds of suburbs stretching from Two Rocks in the north, to Freemantle and Singleton in the south. Other popular Perth locations including Armadale, Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland and Rockingham. Tourist destinations include the Swan Valley, and places like The Margaret River, the famous wine district which is a popular holiday spot. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES Perth Rehab addiction treatment isn’t affordable for all however options to recover in Bali are available only 3.5 hours away by plane.  Many people joke about Perth being the sister city of Denpasar in Bali, with many Perth people holidaying in Bali on a regular basis. Drug and Alcohol rehab in Perth is relatively expensive compared to Bali or other asian Rehab options.  At Rehab Bali we have many Perth clients who visit our facility for treatment instead of going to a Perth Rehab Centre for addiction treatment, and those clients avail themselves of detox and support with problems of addiction to prescription medications, alcohol and drugs.

Travelling to Bali from Perth

There are a number of airlines which depart from Perth Airport, located in the City of Swan. Jetstar, Virgin and the affordable Air Asia all offer flights directly to Bali. Transperth operates regular bus services between Perth Airport, Perth City and other local centres. Bus routes to Perth Airport are available from:
  • Elizabeth Quay Bus Station
  • Victoria Park Transfer Station
  • Burswood Train Station
  • Belmont Forum Shopping Centre
Once you land in Ngurah Rai airport in Bali after your 3.5 hour flight, our experienced team will be ready to pick you up and transport you to our rehab centre based in Sanur in Bali. Checkout our site to find out more about addiction treatment and the quality rehab options we offer for people from Perth seeking treatment for drugs (including Ice) and alcohol.

More about alternatives to Perth Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics are designed to treat addiction and to help those afflicted with these problems. While addiction to certain substances is far more common for some substances than others, such as alcohol, an addiction can be formed to virtually any substance. Finding the right treatment is often the biggest step toward recovery, and there are a number of Perth Rehab locations with facilities that provide a variety of services to patients who are battling addiction and seeking addiction treatment.
Why the Need
Once a person begins to use a substance, an addiction can either form very quickly or gradually, over time. Much depends on their background and the type of drug. Some users feel that they can use recreationally, especially if the drug is legal, like alcohol or illegal, like cocaine (coke). But whether the substance is legal or not, an addiction can still occur. They may be able to hide the effects of their addiction from friends and family initially, but soon the addiction becomes evident. Quite often, but not always, the addiction is also hidden to the user themselves. Denial can be a formidable foe for the sufferer and their family to have to deal with. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES
How Rehab can Help
Receiving treatment from professionals is the best way to overcome addiction. They can be trained to deal with not only the physical aspects but also the mental aspects of the recovery process. Rehab programs are designed to help the addict break their habit and avoid forming one again. They use methods that have been proven to be effective. Some rehabs also encourage a range of different treatment methods to supplement their medical practices.  These can include back to work programs, practical skills programs or well-being programs. These are to help the client feel more at ease integrating back into normal life, giving them skills to aid this process as well as well as some positive re enforcement. This all helps to keep the addict another step away from using. Addiction Treatment centres in Perth treat a wide range of addictions—from alcohol to methamphetamine to prescription drugs. While each Perth Rehab facility may offer different services, the approach is very similar. More and more commonly, people of Perth are looking abroad to cheaper rehab facilities. Destinations like Bali in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore or even as far as India are becoming more common as places to gain access to medical tourism, including rehab and addiction treatment, at a much more affordable rate. Clients should be careful to check the credentials of these  places (a sensible move when considering any facility, both on shore and off shore), to ensure it is being run by the right people with adequate training. Luckily more often than not, they are these days, and the internet is to thank for making these rehabs, as well as Australian based facilities, more  accountable for their practices and standards. There are two basic types of rehab—inpatient and outpatient. Each style offers its own benefits, and choosing which one is right for you is the first step.
Inpatient Rehab
Inpatient facilities allow the addict to live in the facility while they undergo treatment. Basic needs like food and hygiene care are provided for. One of the greatest benefits to inpatient treatment is the ability for the addict to focus solely on overcoming their addiction without any outside distractions. Personal and group therapy sessions help the user identify the cause of their addiction and overcome it. Educational classes are also provided that teach the user about the harmful effects of their addiction. This style of rehab is especially beneficial to users that are concerned about withdrawal or relapse.
Outpatient Rehab and Addiction Treatment
Outpatient facilities offer many of the same services, but the user is able to live out of the rehab centre and maintain their daily routine, including work or school. Each week they may be required to check in for a breathalyzer or urinalysis. They may also attend group and individual therapy sessions that teach them to identify and overcome their addiction. And educational classes inform them of the consequences of their addiction that they may not realise. There are many facilities for addiction treatment in or close to Perth . If you or a loved one is battling addiction, take the first step and contact us today for some advice on rehab facilities. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES