Payments & Refunds

Upfront Cost

Once a client has been assessed (and accepted), an payment of $1,000AUD may be used to reserve a place with us for a few days until full payment can be effected.   Full payment is required to confirm your place with us.

Once full up front cost payment (and travel costs if applicable) have been received, all resources can be put in place for the client’s arrival.

Discharge (before completion)

Bali Beginnings has a duty of care to all clients and staff. Hence, we reserve the right to discharge clients, without any refund, if they:

  • do not respect and maintain confidentiality (this will be explained in detail on arrival)
  • are consistently late to classes, appointments and groups
  • do not participate in group activities and meetings
  • do not adhere to the smoking policy
  • drink alcohol
  • use any mood/mind-altering drugs not prescribed or approved by our medical team
  • act in a violent or aggressive manner
  • make threats to other clients or staff, or threaten to cause harm or reputational damage to Bali Beginnings
  • are in possession of alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • lack interest in the treatment offered and voluntarily check themselves out in circumstances where the full benefits of the program remain on offer to them, and/or
  • are a disruptive influence on group processes or encourage other clients to leave treatment via inciting discontent in the program of treatment.

Refund policy

Bali Beginnings is confident that clients’ expectations will be exceeded.  However, if the client decides to leave the facility within the first five days, Bali Beginnings will refund 50% of the total paid – part of this (up to 25% of any refund) may be offered as a credit on future bookings.

Where a client chooses to leave rehab after the first five days, typically no refund at all is available.  At its sole discretion (and in the case of extenuating circumstances regarding the reason for leaving), Bali Beginnings may choose to offer a refund of 50% of the unused portion of treatment remaining, calculated on a pro-rata basis.     Calculations of such a refund are based on the first date the client entered treatment.   For the avoidance of doubt, if the client extends their stay and needs to fly out and back in to Bali, the pro-rata calculation of this refund shall be based on their first arrival and not “reset” when they return to Bali after a visa renewal.

Funding for addiction treatment can be a challenge. We have made every effort to keep our treatment as affordable as possible. If you know someone who needs treatment but cannot afford it, then do get in touch. We may be able to help.