Mission, Vision & Values

Vision, Mission & Values
  • To create freedom and purpose in the lives of our clients through growth, enablement and practical learning opportunities.
  • To act with discipline, integrity and commitment throughout the entire rehabilitation process including aftercare programs and a two-year continuum of care.
  • To adhere to a system of clinical governance/standards and evidence-based methods based around the 12-Step Minnesota Model.

Every member of our team adheres to a strict code of clinical ethics regarding client handling, confidentiality, care and respect for the rights of clients. Our treatment program is build on the following general ethical principles:

  1. Respect for the rights and dignity of people and peoples, including the right to autonomy and justice.
  2. Propriety, incorporating the principles of beneficence, non-maleficence (including competence) and responsibility to clients, the rehability treatment industry and society.
  3. Integrity, reflecting the need for clinical staff to have good character and acknowledging the high level of trust intrinsic to our professional relationships, and the impact of our conduct on the reputation of rehabilitation facilities industry wide.