Bali, an alternative to Melbourne Rehab


Melbourne, based in the State of Victoria in Australia, is the main city in Victoria and one of the largest eastern seaboard cities in Australia.  Melbourne offers a range of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation options for people struggling with addiction or looking for quality recovery options.   Other treatment options such as The Hader Clinic and Lifeworks exist in Melbourne, but these are not always suited to the needs of people wanting to embark on recovery a bit further from home, to get out of their day to day routine and regular environment.

When choosing an addiction rehabilitation facility, a key consideration is the experience and skills of the clinical team. You want to choose a team of therapists who have demonstrated prior experience with reputable rehabs. Most often the qualifications of drug & alcohol counselling staff will include a degree or qualification in psychology, or significant hands on experience in treating addiction.

A strong track record of helping addicts complete their program of treatment is also a strong indicator of a qualify drug & alcohol rehab. Whether addicts relapse after they leave rehab is not something most rehabs can in any way guarantee, but a strong well delivered therapeutic rehab process gives them their best chance of relapse prevention and equipping them with strategies to manage the triggers that may exist back in their home environment. At Bali Beginnings we also give addicts an opportunity to work with their family during our family program which can help rebuild relationships or address key issues which may exist.

  • Some considerations when selecting a good rehab treatment centre, whether that be a Melbourne Rehab or one based in Bali away from the temptations of home:
  • The program of treatment should be wholistic and treat not only the symptoms of active addiction, but build steps for the addict or alcoholic to get control of their illness and begin to understand the triggers and reasons for their using drugs & alcohol.
  • Medical review and checkups are important to ensure patient safety and assess the need for detoxification
  • A strong therapeutic process which may include CGT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or one on one counselling and treatment is vital.
  • Power and control, which are often issues for the patient to some extent must be relinquished to obtain the best rehab treatment results and an open mind is one of the most important things when deciding what to bring to rehab
  • Choosing to come to rehab is the most important first step (acknowledging the problem, and seeking help) so starting as soon as possible is vital.
    You need to find a rehab that will give you strong, practical and direct steps and tactics to manage relapse prevention, so look for this in any program you are considering.
  • A 12-step based rehab is a distinct advantage because it connects the addict with a community of people who share the common challenge of maintaining sobriety and this community helps them reconnect with friends and build their chances of maintaining abstinence from addiction after they return home.

The metropolitan area of Melbourne spans almost 100 kilometers and is a sparse and spread out area encompassing suburbs such as Frankston and Dandenong in the South East, through to Prahran and Toorak in the central shopping areas, and then Weribee and Hoppers Crossing in the Western side of the city (accessed via the famous Westgate Bridge).

  • Many people in Melbourne choose to look further afield at options to allow them to embrace a recovery from substance abuse and alcholism in a more tropical or tranquil location which leads them to examine options further afield.   One of the quality options available to them is to travel to asia to seek treatment, and Bali is a common destination for asian travel by Melburnians.    Rehab cost in Melbourne can be quite expensive and sometimes asia rehab options are far more affordable.

At Rehab Bali we treat a large number of clients coming from Melbourne and the state of Victoria, and we provide quality care which is only a short flight away from Melbourne.

Travelling to Bali from Melbourne

There are a number of airlines which depart from both Tullamarine airport, and also from Avalon airport near Geelong – each of which are a short train ride from Southern Cross or Flinders Street train stations, or airport transfers are available from these locations also.   Once you’ve arrived at the airport, a shoft 5 – 6 hour flight is all that is needed to land in Bali where our experienced team will be ready to pick you up and transport you to our rehab centre based in Sanur in Bali.

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