How it Works

Bali Beginnings is, first and foremost, a therapeutic community where compassion is key. We don’t blame or shame. We simply help you to get better and re-engage with the wider world.

We feel very strongly that clients need to value themselves and learn the power of transformation through doing estimable things. The subject of financial independence and career is a pivotal part of our drug and alcohol treatment program. Many people who spend time in drug and alcohol rehab will want to re-assess their career aspirations, change jobs, or even start up their own business. These are all things about which our organisational psychologist can advise.

The Scott Mynors Foundation

We look at relationships in depth; with family, colleagues, and your social groups. Whilst with us, you will do a lot of work around boundaries. Our psychologists will also take you through a searching journey around the topics of emotional independence, co-dependency and assertive communication.

We regard ‘play’ as a vital part of anyone’s day, whether it is in Bali or in the home environment. Unfortunately, play is often overlooked in adulthood. And yet it is such an effective way to release stress and cope with the everyday strains of career, family and relationships. Thus, a core component of our addiction treatment program is encouraging clients to rekindle passions that have been lost or neglected over time.

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