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If you are a family member or friend of a person suffering active addiction, you will know that their illness doesn’t just affect them. It affects you in ways you sometimes can’t even explain. The stress, worry, sadness and feelings of sheer hopelessness as you watch your loved one spiral out of control – with no way of reaching them or helping them, no matter how hard you try. The experience can be all-consuming. We can help.

Our drug and alcohol rehab service incorporates a 3 day intensive family component (offered in the 2nd month of treatment), beginning after your loved one’s initial 28-day recovery program. During this time, you will learn about addiction and recovery, and be introduced to your own recovery program. We outline the program, below.

Help for Families and Friends

Your program includes the following therapeutic key focus areas:

  • Introduction to 12-Step Fellowships AA/NA/ALANON/CODA.
  • Education into recovery addiction CBT/neurobiology of addiction.
  • Communication skills/assertive boundary setting.
  • Couples/family counselling sessions. Reveal and Heal.

Also included:

  • The offer of a drug-free Bali getaway for activities such as rafting, cycling, snorkelling, surfing, temples, and visiting beautiful locations.
  • A chance for you to utilise your newfound tools of recovery and communication with a community of other people in recovery, and feel supported by our qualified team.
  • Your therapist will keep your family updates on a regular basis (typically weekly) regarding your progress and status, or be in touch with them immediately for any urgent matters.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you and your family member or friend leave Bali feeling refreshed, hopeful and prepared for a future full of growth and healing.

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