Dual Diagnosis

In many cases, there is a strong link between addiction and other mental health issues, like depression and anxiety. This combination of challenges is known as ‘dual diagnosis‘.

Without a thorough diagnosis, it can be difficult to ascertain which came first; the mental illness which led to substance abuse, or the substance abuse which led to mental illness, e.g. the psychotic episode triggered from using ice. Regardless, the clinical evidence is in; drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs which offer concurrent treatment for both addiction and mental health are more successful over time. But finding a drug or alcohol treatment centre that offers an integrated program of care can prove difficult. Bali Beginnings is staffed by extremely qualified people with a strong track record in both dual diagnosis and the treatment of highly complex cases beyond the area of addiction.

Our clinical team includes Vernon Hartshorne, a qualified addiction counsellor with over a decade experience in his field. Vernon has experience managing clients with dual diagnosis, drug, and alcohol treatment, and the psychological issues which underlie addiction.

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