Drug Addiction – Illegal

Different addictions present different challenges when it comes to rehabilitation. If you have an active addiction to illegal drugs — marijuana, cocaine, ice, LSD, PCP, heroin, amphetamines, etc. — the life you lead in order to feed that addiction is not the same as that of a person with alcohol or prescription-drug addiction. You will know the overbearing paranoia of the threat of discovery and criminal charges, you will have endured long hours of waiting – in a car, at home, in a side alley – for your dealer to arrive, you may have stolen money to get your fix. You know the fear of not being sure what you’re buying, and the risk you are posing to your life. Of course, you minimise that fear, enter a state of denial, but the anxiety, guilt and shame play on your mind at a deeper level when you’re not under the influence. Which only makes it harder not to want to escape into your addiction to illegal drugs even further, simply to blot out the pain.

Within our therapeutic community, we know that the best thing about recovery is that you get your feelings back, and the hardest thing about recovery is that you get your feelings back. We can help you find a way out of your personal torment, show you the path forward, and ensure you stay on track – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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