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Affordable alternatives to Brisbane Rehab Centres

Drug rehabilitation centre Brisbane Bali Beginning offers an affordable alternative to Brisbane Rehab Centres, and best of all we have places available at affordable prices. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES Brisbane, is the capital of the State of Queensland in Australia, and a large population centre, and right on the doorstep of the popular Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast.  There are a number of local Brisbane Rehab and Drug Treatment facilities who deal with addiction treatment helping with addiction to prescription and non-prescription medications, alcohol and more.   Recovery from drugs and alcohol in centres such as Damascus Healthcare, Ozcare and others are addiction treatment options for people in and around Brisbane’s metropolitan area.  For those seeking more affordable addiction treatment options while maintaining a high quality addiction recovery experience, they may consider travelling to locations like Bali for treatment.   Rehab Bali has a great offering for Queenslanders who are looking at these options. Attending a Rehab, in Queensland Brisbane is Queensland’s largest population centre and has plenty to see and do.  Whether it’s climbing Brisbane’s Story Bridge for incredible views or travelling to the Glasshouse Mountains or the Gold Coast hinterland.  Just a brief 1 – 1.5 hours north, you can access beautiful beachside towns like Noosa Heads, or Mooloolaba. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES

A little more about local Brisbane Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centres

If you are sure that you need a local option and off shore residential rehab is not an option for you, we’ve provided a little more info about some of the prominent Brisbane Rehab Centres available, helping with both alcohol and drug rehabilitation. For more information, feel free to call and ask about drug and alcohol rehab Brisbane, addiction rehab Brisbane or drug rehabilitation Brisbane.

Damascus Health Services

Damascus Health Services provides treatment for addiction which seeks to achieve management of mood, anxiety and depression, a focus on improving communication and interpersonal realtions, allowing patients to better deal with risky situations and physical withdrawal from the effects of drugs and alcohol. The website lists services including “detoxification and therapeutic treatment for patients with alcohol and / or prescribed and over-the-counter drug problems”. Damascus offer treatment in a hospital based in Central Brisbane.

The Salvation Army (Salvos)

The Salvation Army provide treatment for addiction to alcohol and drugs and are a significant party offering drug detox and alcohol detox services for those struggling with addiction. With Rehab Centre’s in the Gold Coast, and also a Centre the Salvos offer community support and support for families of loved ones needing Brisbane Drug Rehab options. They  offer the “Bridge Program” method of recovery utilising specialised therapeutic methods. Their website explains that this involves “Salvation Army health and social service personnel who are working with individuals and families, in residential and day Therapeutic Communities” VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES

Sunrise Way

Sunrise Way a Queensland drug rehab centres is located in Toowoomba, QLD and treats common addiction related disorders including drug and alcohol problems, and includes 6 month abstinence based programs and also residential rehab options to help their clients. They work with clients to maintain sobriety and offer treatment strategies where clients are able to develop skills and rebuild their lives after recovery from addiction. Like many Brisbane Rehab Centres, Sunrise Way supports Queenslanders with support groups and counselling and offer options and is supported via Government and private funding and donations.

The Hader Clinic, Queensland

With offices in Wickham Terrace in Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast, QLD – The Hader Clinic is a Brisbane Drug Rehab Centre which is part of group of rehabs based both in Queensland, Australia and Asia. The offer addiction treatment as well as treating co-occuring mental disorders such as drug induced psychosis, Bipolar disorder, Eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Their programs also support family involvement and interventions and treatment options range from short term to 90 day stays.

Ozcare Drug & Alcohol Services

Ozcare treat male patients of a legal age (not minors) with recovery from problems related to substance abuse. They offer residential in-patient detox and inpatient recovery services also. Their website describes their detox program as being ideal for those with low to moderate dependancy and includes relapse prevention as well as medically supervised detox, and supervision of the process by registered medical staff.
Many people looking for Brisbane Rehab Centres want to take up addiction treatment for Drug & Alcohol addiction but find it difficult to find a treatment programme that matches their budget (the cost of alcohol addiction treatment can be high in Queensland) and so consider asian options such as treatment centres in Bali. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES At Bali Beginnings we treat a large number of clients coming from Brisbane and the state of Queensland, and we provide quality care which is only a short flight away.

Travelling to Bali for addiction treatment, from Brisbane

There are a number of airlines which depart from Queensland and Brisbane airport directly.   Virgin Airlines, Garuda, Qantas and Jetstar all have flight available and the trip is typically just 5 – 6 hours sometimes with 1 stop along the way. Airtrain runs a transport service which connects Airport, Brisbane City and the Gold Coast, as well as connections and transit between the Brisbane International and Domestic terminals. Once in Indonesia, our team will pick you up from Bali’s airport and support you as you move to our quality rehabilitation facility based in Sanur in Bali. Checkout our site to find out more about the quality rehab options we offer for people from Brisbane  seeking treatment.

More about treatment in Bali

Drug or alcohol addiction can take control of your life quickly. Once an addiction has formed, attending a rehab facility can be an excellent option for treatment. Facilities in and around Brisbane provide addiction treatment services that deal with a wide range of addictions.
Why the Need
Many users feel that they can use drugs (narcotics) or alcohol recreationally, especially if the substance is legal. But unfortunately, some of these users develop into addiction and this is not fully understood why yet. As the addiction forms, they can slowly lose control of their life and head into a downward spiral. Their sole purpose can soon become seeking out and using the substance. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES They may be able to hide their addiction from friends and family for a time, but as relationship, school, or work problems form, their addiction becomes evident. Sooner or later they must face the inevitable choice of whether they need help or not. In a few instances, especially with legal drugs, the addict can be the last to know. Denial can be an awful beast to an addict.
How Rehab can Help
Attending a facility can be an excellent option. These centres use proven methods to help the addict identify their addiction, overcome it, and reduce the likelihood of future relapse. Treatment centres are often well equipped to treat all kinds of addiction, from alcohol to methamphetamine (ice). Choosing a place however can seem difficult at times and sometimes overwhelming and often places are limited. People can choose places based on a number of reasons: cost, treatment styles, location, qualifications, addiction type or aftercare. More and more people are also following the medical tourism trend that seems to have popped up over the last couple of decades. Previously people used to travel abroad for enhancement surgeries or dentistry work, however more and more are travelling for addiction treatment. Places like Bangkok in Thailand, New Dehli in India and Bali in Indonesia are probably the best suited abroad for people living in Brisbane. Reputable rehabs in these locations often have standards matching Australian rehab facilities at a reduced rate due to the location. People also choose these places for the other aspects they bring, which can be equally therapeutic. Whilst choosing rehab, in Australia or abroad, it is most important to check their credentials to see that they are suitable for you or a loved one to attend. Checking things like qualifications and who heads up the facilities is important as well as checking they do the right type of treatment for the specific addiction. There are essentially two types of facilities—inpatient and outpatient. While the basic care at these facilities can be similar, each offers their own unique benefits.
Inpatient Rehab
Inpatient describes a facility with living quarters for the patient. These provide basic needs such as food and hygiene care while the user is treated. The greatest benefit to this type of treatment is that the patient is able to focus solely on recovery. Being removed from the outside world, they are able to focus on educational and therapy sessions. Individual sessions allow them to identify the cause of their addiction and a solution that is unique to them. Group sessions help them see that others are overcoming problems similar to theirs.
Outpatient Rehab
Outpatient allows the user to attend to their daily needs while still receiving help. They are able to care for work or school and be with their family. Several times a week they may be required to check in for a breathalyzer or urinalysis. They also attend individual and group therapy sessions similar to those for inpatient treatment. Educational classes are often a part of these sessions and teach them about the harmful consequences of addiction.
How to Choose
Inpatient offers a more disciplined regime that is ideal for those who are concerned about withdrawal and relapse. Outpatient allows you to care for your daily needs while still receiving help. Whichever option best meets your needs is the best one for you. Attending a Brisbane rehab or any facility can be difficult, but if you or a loved one is battling addiction, take the first step and contact us today. VIEW OUR BALI REHAB CENTRE FACILITIES