Bali, an alternative to Brisbane Rehab

Brisbane, is the capital of the State of Queensland in Australia, and a large population centre, and right on the doorstep of the popular Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. There are a number of local Drug Treatment facilities who deal with addiction to prescription and non-prescription medications, alcohol and more. Recovery from drugs and alcohol in centres such as Damascus Healthcare, Ozcare and others are options for people in and around Brisbane’s metropolitan area. For those seeking more affordable options while maintaining a high quality addiction recovery experience, they may consider travelling to locations like Bali for treatment. Rehab Bali has a great offering for Queenslanders who are looking at these options.

Seeking Rehab Treatment in Bali
When seeking options for Rehabilitation and treatment in Brisbane, or Bali, if you are a relative or family member of an addict or alcoholic, you will have experienced the impact that active addiction has on not only the individual but all those around them. Have you experienced the frustration of not being able to convince them to stop, or not being able to help them see the impact they are having on others? Perhaps it seems or feels like they just don’t care. That is rarely the case. Someone caught up in active addiction are not usually thinking straight. You may think of it as them becoming another person – a sick person, and most often what they really need is help and support, but this should not extend to “enabling” their addiction or pretending that it is right or not hurting others.

At Bali Beginnings we incorporate a family program as part of our rehabilitation process giving an opportunity for loved ones and relatives to break down the barriers that have been caused in the preceding period. We help with providing information and education about the nature of addiction, and give all an opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and help each other understand the impact of addiction and allow healing and repair of broken relationships to begin. The family of an addict or alcoholic are typically one of their greatest sources of strength and support in sobriety and so this is an important step in the process.

Our programme includes the following elements:

  • A 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous overview and introduction to meetings and the recovery community.
  • A variety of informational and education sessions analysing the nature of addiction.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and time spent understanding the neurobiology of active addiction.
  • Setting boundaries in your life and in the rehab environment, and understanding how to communicate effectively while maintaining emotional control.
  • Counselling and healing sessions with families and couples.

Our activities including participating in fun non-therapeutic things such as rafting, sailing, snorkelling, cycling, and outings in beautiful Bali.

We give the alcoholic or addict a chance to use their newfound skills and communication techniques in a safe and supportive compassionate treatment environment.

12 Steps Meetings and Therapy
We incorporate the 12 step process of Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous as a core part of our treatment process. We proving an ongoing monitoring and assesment of client progress and we introduce them to meetings where they can connect with other people in similar situations as themselves (in recovery from active addiction).

Our team includes clinical therapists, support workers, counsellors, and recovery coaches as well as a team of drivers, chefs and operational staff to support the day to day operation of the rehab.

A bit more about Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane is Queensland’s largest population centre and has plenty to see and do. Whether it’s climbing Brisbane’s Story Bridge for incredible views or travelling to the Glasshouse Mountains or the Gold Coast hinterland. Just a brief 1 – 1.5 hours north, you can access beautiful beachside towns like Noosa Heads, or Mooloolaba.

Many people in Brisbane want to take up treatment for Drug & Alcohol addiction but find it difficult to find a treatement programme that matches their budget (the cost of alcohol addiction treatment can be high in Queensland) and so consider asian options such as Rehab Centres in Bali.

At Rehab Bali we treat a large number of clients coming from Brisbane and the state of Queensland, and we provide quality care which is only a short flight away.

Travelling to Bali for treatment, from Brisbane

There are a number of airlines which depart from Queensland and Brisbane airport directly. Virgin Airlines, Garuda, Qantas and Jetstar all have flight available and the trip is typically just 5 – 6 hours sometimes with 1 stop along the way.

Airtrain runs a transport service which connects Airport, Brisbane City and the Gold Coast, as well as connections and transit between the Brisbane International and Domestic terminals.

Once in Indonesia, our team will pick you up from Bali’s airport and support you as you move to our quality rehabilitation facility based in Sanur in Bali.

Checkout our site to find out more about the quality rehab options we offer for people from Brisbane seeking treatment.