Back to work

If work is an ugly word to our clients, then we aim to change that. Working is hugely significant to regaining control over your life and achieving independence.

Values & interests

The career guidance we offer includes a number of resources and sessions that look deeply into a client’s interests and potential based on what is important to them, their talents, and their skills.


Where necessary, we carry out vocational and skills assessments to help guide clients in their decision making.


Once clients graduate from the centre in Bali – and sometimes before this – they have the option to join a Jobclub. This is a small group of people who are often looking for work in a similar industry or position. Developing a network of healthy contacts is hugely beneficial for a number of reasons, e.g. mentoring, help with warm introductions/networking, and peer recovery support.

Career guidance and support

Our careers counsellors can help with research into new areas of work, and provide support in making job applications, either whilst clients are here in Bali or once they have returned home.

Small business start-up workshops

With strong links to local co-working spaces and start-up resources, we are fully supportive of our clients researching and testing new business ideas.