Back to work

If work is a scary word to our clients, then we aim to change that. Working is hugely significant to regaining control over your life and achieving independence.

Values & interests

The program of recovery we provide, aims to give people life skills that will be valuable in all their endeavours post-rehab including finding work.   We aim to help clients learn to handle acceptance, rejection, and all the emotions that go along with that – while avoiding drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with these emotions. We encourage clients to look at ways to rebuild their personal and professional networks through skills around honesty, building trust, and learning to love and value yourself.


When required, we can help clients assess their readiness to return to the workforce.   This involves working with clients to assess their work history, key relationships that will support and help them with their focus on finding gainful employment, and discussing strategies that clients can use to build their emotional sobriety in a way that supports tackling significant work responsibilities.

We discuss issues that may have gone wrong in past employment and help clients with tools and techniques to manage these emotions giving them the best chance of future success in their career.