Assessment & Admission

Assessment of need

As soon as you have reserved a bed with us, we will aim to find out as much about your needs as possible. Our program is designed with flexibility in mind. We only work with small groups, so we are able to offer a large range of activities outside of the core elements of the program.

Dietary requirements

Any allergies, dietary requirements or unique requests can usually be catered for without any difficulty. Our menu, of which we’re very proud, is a mix of delicious European and Asian dishes.

Hobbies & passions

We believe that building a complete picture of your life and lifestyle is hugely important. We look at the whole person – your thinking, your capacity to provide for yourself and others, but also how you like to have fun and unwind. Then we give you any number of opportunities to pursue your interests, including team sports, personal fitness, art and music therapies, rafting, mountain trekking, swimming, surfing, the list goes on!