The first few weeks of abstinence from a substance is just the first stage in the recovery process. Our experience has shown us that the ‘real’ work often begins when a client returns home. It can take months, not weeks, to modify all aspects of your thinking and lifestyle. On your journey to wellness, the importance of drug and alcohol rehab aftercare is pivotal.


Relapse prevention & support

Bali Beginnings has strong links with overseas 12 step programs and partners to whom you can reach out for aftercare support. Our work with clients in treatment includes detailed planning to help clients cope with situations and scenarios that they will encounter when they return home, and preparing them with practical strategies to avoid situations which may trigger a relapse, and how to manage when these inevitably arise.

We do not let clients return home without a solid plan on how they will cope with these situations.

Preparing to return to work

We also strong emphasis on building long term emotional sobriety allowing clinets to prepare to re-enter their life including getting back to work, being useful, acting estimably, and achieving financial independence.


Alumni events & group chats

Clients are encouraged to stay in touch with us. We regularly hold events in Bali and give our clients contact information should they wish to reach out to us after returning home.   We encourage clients to return in future to Bali to attend 12 step conferences, and to visit the rehab as alumni creating opportunities to meet our current clients and reconnect with rehab staff.