Adelaide Rehab

Bali Rehab: Alternative to Adelaide Drug or Alcohol Rehab

With rehabilitation services in Bali, you receive an effective, affordable alternative to Adelaide drug rehab centres.  There are many great facilities in Adelaide for those who need help with their drug or alcohol dependencies.

PsychMed, Addiction Counselling Services, and several other locations provide compassionate detoxification and rehabilitation services for addictions. There are also many government-sponsored rehab solutions. However, some patients find it easier to conquer their addictions away from home and their triggers.

Getting away from your daily temptations in Adelaide and the rest of South Australia gives you a chance to focus on treatment. At Bali Beginning, we provide the perfect option for Adelaide residents who want to benefit from overseas treatment.

More Information About Adelaide Rehab Centres…

If you want to explore Adelaide alcohol rehab facilities and drug treatment centres, the following options are the most recommended. Listed below, you will find more info about each one and the services they provide.

Addiction Counselling Services, SA

Addiction Counselling Services is a premium rehab facility in the beautiful Adelaide Hills area in South Australia. This private addiction treatment centre offers a variety of treatment services for all types of addiction.
The seven-bed facility sits on 40 acres of rolling hills. It gives addicts a tranquil setting closer to home. The treatment is led by trained counsellors who focus on abstinence-based recovery.

Addiction Counselling Services provides gender-specific programs. They believe that men and women go through addiction in different ways and adjust the programs to address the specific details that affect each gender.  The inpatient treatments for last for a weekend or up to 12 weeks depending on the patient, the type of treatment, and the severity of the addiction. The facility also provides day patient, outpatient, and aftercare programs.

With the variety of options, patients receive a tailored solution to their recovery process. The remote setting, customised programs, and qualified staff make this a top choice for Adelaide drug or alcohol treatment.

PsychMed Alcohol & Drug Programs, South Australia

PsychMed is a provider of evidence-based psychological treatments. The organisation partners with a wide range of mental health agencies to deliver various programs to Adelaide residents.  The available programs include treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction. The most basic service is a free, one-time session for assessing the severity of addiction.

Besides the assessment, the organisation offers one-on-one therapy with experienced psychologists. Addicts may also choose group therapy sessions or outpatient programs.  Through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions, the psychologists at PsychMed help addicts identify their barriers, risk factors, and triggers.
The staff at PsychMed assists with addictions to all types of substances. Patients regularly seek help for addictions to cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, heroin, “ice”, inhalants, hallucinogens, ecstasy, and prescription medications.

PsychMed is in the centre of Adelaide, near Rundle Mall and the Art Gallery of South Australia. The urban setting may provide a more convenient option for those with minor addictions who are less at risk for relapsing.




The Adelaide Clinic

The Adelaide Clinic provides psychiatric services for residents of South Australia. It is a teaching facility of the University of Adelaide with a full range of specialised psychiatric services including drug and alcohol detoxification.  The drug and alcohol unit of the Adelaide Clinic includes a multi-disciplinary team that can help assess and detox patients. They also provide rehabilitation and outpatient follow-up services.  When seeking inpatient treatment, patients undergo detoxification in a medically controlled environment.

The outpatient program provides therapy sessions and general information to help address the physical and emotional aspects of alcohol or drug abuse. Through therapy sessions, patients develop coping strategies and receive ongoing support.
The clinic is just west of St. Peters Billabong Nature Preserve in the Gilberton suburb of Adelaide.
As with PsychMed, the central location makes it easier to receive ongoing outpatient treatment. With the inpatient treatment, patients receive a safe space for the withdrawal symptoms to pass.


BlueSky Psychology

BlueSky Psychology offers outpatient treatment options for those suffering from addiction. The staff includes trained psychologists who have helped many patients overcome their addictions to drugs or alcohol.  After contacting BlueSky Psychology, patients receive a thorough psychological assessment. The staff then assesses the severity of your addiction and discusses potential treatment options. The organisation uses scientifically proven methods that align with your medical needs.

If the recommended treatment requires a higher level of care, the staff can coordinate with other facilities to arrange inpatient treatment. This may also include visits with psychologists from BlueSky Psychology followed by ongoing outpatient treatment and support at the King William Street location.
Besides offering referrals for detoxification or medical support, the staff can provide therapy for anger management, assertive communication, and identifying and removing triggers. To further reduce the risk of relapse, patients also learn new adaptive behaviours for avoiding their triggers.
Across from Adelaide Town Hall, BlueSky Psychology also provides a convenient location for receiving outpatient treatment.


Adelaide PHN AOD Treatment Services

Adelaide Primary Health Network (PHN) is a primary health care provider established and funded by the federal government. Many patients may already use health care services provided through Adelaide PHN, making it easier for existing patients to find suitable drug or alcohol treatment options in Adelaide.

Adelaide PHN recently started offering new alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment services for residents throughout the metropolitan Adelaide area. These services include both outpatient and inpatient treatments for drug or alcohol addiction.  Patients may receive intensive interventions, structured group therapy, one-on-one counselling, or health promotion activities.

Some services are offered free of charge to specific members of the Adelaide community. For example, those with specific cultural backgrounds and Aboriginal people often receive the care they need at no cost.

Located in the Torrensville suburb, Adelaide PHN is still near the city, providing a nearby destination for those seeking drug or alcohol treatment in Adelaide. Along with the Torrensville location, Adelaide PHN manages facilities throughout the city and works closely with other clinics to offer a wide range of health care services to the community.


Adelaide Rehab May Not Work for Everyone

As the capital of the state of South Australia and the fifth-most populous city in the country, Adelaide provides many temptations for addicts. It is difficult to commit yourself to an Adelaide drug rehab centre when you know that your vices are available just a few blocks away.  The sprawling city of Adelaide is home to more than 1.3 million people. It also has many popular attractions including the Adelaide Botanic Garden, the Adelaide Zoo, and numerous museums. While it is a lovely city, it also provides many distractions for those seeking drug or alcohol treatment.


Adelaide rehab programs are also often costly. Some addicts may decide to forgo treatment due to the cost. Luckily, treatment centres in Bali are only five or six hours away by plane.  Due to the proximity via air travel, many Adelaide residents are familiar with Bali. It is a popular tourist destination. Thanks to our affordable treatment plans, it may also provide the right option for your drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Travelling to Bali From Adelaide

With rehab in Bali, you can get away from the bustling city and your vices. Luckily, there are many direct flights that can take you from the Adelaide airport to Bali, allowing you to quickly receive the help that you need.  Currently, six airlines provide flights between the two destinations. A nonstop flight from Adelaide Airport to Bali takes a little over five hours.

Many transport options are available to help you get to the airport, including:

  • Adelaide JetExpress
  • Shuttle buses from hotels
  • Taxis
  • Ride-sharing apps

The Adelaide JetExpress provides the most convenient transportation for those in Adelaide, West Beach, and Glenelg. The bus picks up travellers at all stops along the route.  After arriving in Ngurah Rai airport in Bali, our staff will be standing by to pick you up and take you to the rehab centre in Sanur.  To learn more about our effective rehab options for those seeking alternatives to Adelaide rehab, please browse the rest of our site.


Explore Alternatives to Adelaide Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol dependencies can destroy lives. Addiction affects everyone around the addict, including family, friends, and co-workers. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for addicts to get over their dependency without help.  Rehab clinics offer treatment for addiction, guiding addicts through the detoxification process and giving them tools for coping with their addiction after treatment.

The first step in dealing with addiction is admitting that you have an addiction. You then need to decide on a form of treatment. In most cases, a rehab clinic provides the most effective treatment option.  For severe addictions, addicts often struggle with the initial stages of detoxification and withdrawal. Without supervision, the detox process can even bring additional health risks.  Rehab specialists have dealt with all types of withdrawal symptoms. They offer the support and care needed to make the transition easier and less stressful on the mind and body.  Getting the drugs or alcohol out of your system is just one part of treatment. After leaving a rehab centre, you still need to avoid drugs and alcohol.

When you still have access to the source of your addiction, it becomes harder to abstain, which is why many addicts continually relapse.  There are many quality Adelaide alcohol rehab centres but a trip to Bali may give you the distance that you need to conquer your addiction.

Why Seek Treatment in Bali?

As mentioned, many people prefer to get away from their homes when seeking drug or alcohol rehabilitation. It is often easier to focus on treatment when you remove yourself from familiar settings.  If you choose to stay in Adelaide for treatment, you know that you are just a short drive from home, the bar, or your typical hangout spots. You are also still close to those who aid and support your habit.

Addicts have a better chance of recovery when they avoid their triggers and influences.
The local Adelaide drug rehab or alcohol rehab facilities may also cost more than a patient can currently afford. The idea of an extra financial burden may keep addicts from seeking treatment.


Without assistance, the addiction may only become more severe, increasing the risk of major health issues and other repercussions. Our Bali rehab centres are open to those who need a more affordable, patient-focused solution.  Substance abuse affects thousands of Adelaide residents. From Adelaide Hills to Port Adelaide, addiction reaches every corner.

According to recent statistics, 15.7% of South Australians have used an illicit drug in the past 12 months. Cannabis, cocaine, “ice”, and ecstasy were the most used drugs.  In the past several years, more Adelaide residents have started seeking treatment for amphetamine (ice) addiction. In fact, over one-third of South Australians seeking Adelaide drug rehab needed help for meth addictions.

With the increased use of “ice” and other illicit drugs, some users may feel that they can use them recreationally. Unfortunately, any substance can lead to addiction.  Addictions can develop quickly or gradually. When the problem becomes more severe, addicts may start to hide it from family and friends. In some cases, addicts may hide the truth from themselves, refusing to admit that they have a problem.

Denying the problem makes it almost impossible for an addict to get help. Acceptance is the first step in rehabilitation, followed by professional treatment at an experienced rehab facility.

How Can Rehab Help Treat Your Addiction?

Professionals are trained to handle the mental and physical aspects of recovery. They have experience dealing with the withdrawal process and medical knowledge to help ease the symptoms.  At rehab centres, addicts receive more than just a place to detox. Professionals provide addicts with tools for breaking their habits and avoiding relapses.

Some rehab centres also provide specialised treatment programs tailored to the needs of the patient. These programs may include practical skills training, back-to-work programs, or well-being courses.  The goal is to help patients integrate back into daily life while ensuring that they have the skills to avoid their triggers and stay clean.

Adelaide treatment centres offer effective solutions for all types of addictions. Some of the most commonly abused substances in Adelaide and the rest of South Australia include:

  • Alcohol
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis
  • Prescription drugs

The rehab centres in Adelaide are equipped to handle addictions to these substances but they often use the same approach. Many Adelaide residents are looking for more affordable alternatives. This search often takes them overseas to places such as Bali, Singapore, Thailand, and India.  While medical tourism often allows patients to receive treatment at a lower cost, it is important to verify the credentials of the facility. Luckily, the Internet makes it easier to receive more information about overseas rehab centres and even facilities in South Australia.

No matter where the addict chooses to seek treatment, there are two main types of rehabilitation. Addicts may choose inpatient or outpatient rehab.  Both types of treatment offer unique benefits. Selecting the right one is an important step on the road to recovery.

Inpatient Rehab

With inpatient treatment, patients live in the rehab centre while receiving treatment. During their stay, food and basic hygiene care are provided along with medical supervision for dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.  Inpatient facilities give patients the isolation needed to focus on their treatment. They are also cut off from their triggers and addictions. These are the biggest advantages of inpatient rehab as addicts sometimes need to devote themselves 24/7 to the recovery process.


During inpatient treatment, patients also benefit from individual and group therapy. These sessions help addicts uncover the root cause of their addiction. By understanding their triggers, addicts can develop coping skills for dealing with them in the outside world.  Some inpatient centres also provide educational courses. These courses may include information about the harmful health effects of their addiction or life skills courses.  Inpatient treatment is best suited for those who are worried about withdrawal or relapse. However, any addict can benefit from this type of treatment.

Outpatient Rehab

With outpatient treatment, addicts continue to live at home. They may attend daily, weekly, or bi-weekly counselling sessions with a substance abuse counsellor, offering many of the same services provided in inpatient treatment.  Outpatient treatment also involves different types of therapy sessions, educational classes, and possibly check-ins for urinalysis or breathalyser tests.

The main difference is that addicts continue their normal routines, going to work or school. This style of rehab is best suited for those who need to maintain their work or school commitments and are less likely to deal with severe withdrawal symptoms.  In some cases, patients benefit from a combination of inpatient and outpatient treatment. They may complete inpatient treatment during the detoxification period and outpatient treatment for continual support and therapy.

Do Not Delay Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Whether you choose a Bali or Adelaide rehab centre, do not delay treatment for your addiction.
If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, now is the time to take the next step.

Contact us today for more information on our affordable rehab facilities.