At Bali Beginnings, while your drug and alcohol rehabilitation includes a strict program to which we expect you to adhere, we also believe that part of your healing requires a return to a sense of fun and play. It’s about reconnecting with the joys of life, the simple things that make you happy. That’s why we’ve left plenty of time for you to enjoy the wonders of Bali as well.

Choose from a huge range of activities, including surfing, diving, boating, arts and crafts, gardening, trekking through the jungles, mountain biking, experiencing the spiritual essence and culture of beautiful Bali, the list goes on.

Part of your treatment will also involve visiting local community centres and schools to volunteer your help to those in need. The reason? Because the best way to build self-esteem is to do estimable things. We want you to reconnect with your higher self, the generous you, the one who cares, the person you might have thought was gone forever.